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Professor Giuseppe Tritto, is an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, and an internationally well known Uro-Andrologist with specific expertise in Genital Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery.  He is regularly registered as a Surgeon and Urologist in France and in Italy.  He graduated in Surgery and Urology in Italy.  He  trained  in Paediatric Surgery in the Department of Paediatric Surgery, Trousseau Hospital , Universitè Paris VI where he graduated in Andrology in Saint-Antoine Hospital, Universitè Paris VI. 



He was Fellow in Reconstructive Microsurgery at the Institute of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Division of Microsurgery and Transplantation (Prof. Willian Shaw), New York University, New York; and Fellow in Urology at the Service of Urology (Prof. Adrian Zorgniotti), Cabrini Medical Center, New York University, New York.  He was Fellow in Microsurgery of Male Infertility at the Division of Urology (Prof. Marc Goldstein), New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center, New York.  


He was Chief of the Unit of MicroSurgery of Male Infertility in the Service of Urology and Andrology (Dir. Prof. Gabriel Arvis), Saint-Antoine Hospital, Paris, France; Chief of the Unit of Clinical Andrology and Scientific Director of the Centre d’Andrologie de Paris (CAP) in the Service of Urology and Andrology (Dir. Prof. Gabriel Arvis), Tenon Hospital, Paris, France.  Chairman of Surgical Andrology, Department of Urology(directed by Prof. Alain le Duc), Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris


He was nominated Director of the Service of Surgery and Urology at the San Carlo Hospital in Rome, Italy, for the IDI (Vatican) Project on Urology, Male Ageing and Rehabilitation.


Director Chair NanoMedicine, Amity University, New Delhi,


Deputy Clinical Professor Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, 


Founded the Section of Clinical and Surgical Andrology at the Service of Urology (Director Prof. Alain LeDuc), Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, France


Founded the Laboratory of MicroTechnologies for Microsurgery at the Department of BioMedical Enginering and Medical Systems, Aston University, Birmingham


Founded the Laboratory of Micro and Nanotechnologies for Medicine in the Institute of BioEngineering – BIB (directed by Prof. Peter Brett),

Brunel University, Uxbridge-London, UK.  Founded the Health Life Creative Enterprise in Brunel Science Park, Brunel University, UK to promote the MIR Project on MicroSurgery-Infertility-Reproduction.


Founded the CytoCord Biobank for Stem Cells in UK and Hungary.   Organized the First International Meeting on Medicine of Life, Budapest, Hungary. (2010)


Founded the First Center of Male MicroSurgery in the American Hospital in Tirana, Albania and in the Szent Gellert Clinics in Budapest, Hungary.



Founded different international Associations related to Andrology and Men’s Health Medicine: IASTA-International Association of Sciences and Technologies for Andrology; ESMGS-European Association of Male Genital Surgery; AF-CGM-Association Francophone de Chirurgie Genitale Male; IASS-IASA-International Association of Sexual Surgery and Surgical Andrology and the EMAPS-European and Mediterranean Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons. He is Founder of the World Andrology Society – World Andrology Network (WAS – WAN).  Co-ordinator of the chapter MicroSurgery of the MITS (Mechatronic Tools in Surgery) Concerted Action of the EC. 

Founded the Section of Men’s Health Medicine – MHM at the World Academy of Biomedical Technologies-WABT(UATI-ICET/UNESCO) and organized the First World Congress on Technology and Men’s Health Medicine at the UNESCO Palace, Paris, France. (2004)


Organized the IEEE EMBS Symposium on Andrology, Medical Engineering and Sexual Rehabilitation (AMBER) at the Louvre, Paris, France.(1995)

Organized the WABT Sessions on Med-Comp at WorldComp, Las Vegas, in 2011 on  " Web Space for eHealth Services and Providers ", in 2012 on " Global Interoperability Strategy for Health and eHealth in I-Cloud ".  

WABT – World Academy of BioMedical Sciences and Technologies (c/o INSULA - UNESCO) and President of the WABIT – World Association of Bio Info Technologies.  Co-ordinator of the ESTH Conference on Development and Political Security for Balcan rebuilding (2011) and of the BALKAN BIOTECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE.  Co-ordinator of the UNESCO ICT Open Training Platform (OTP) customization for Health

Proposer, as WABT President, of the Nano-MAB Project for the UNESCO Division of Echology and Earth Sciences, under the MAB Program.  Co-ordinator, as WABT President, of the Chapter on Occupational Medicine and Environmental BioTechnologies of the ISFAT Coordination Action (Asia Invest), EC. Co-ordinator, as WABT President, of the NEW Bio KnoT Project (Asia Invest).  Founding Partner, as WABT President, of the new Commission Science and Technology in Medicine and Health-Care of the Royal Society of Medicine of UK

Co-Founder of the WWO Commission DEST (Disability, Education, Science and Technology) and of the new DEST Magazine

He has had a stellar academic career, and he is also the president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT), an institution founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1997.  He is also a member of IEEE EMBS, ICMCC, ISfTeH, HoIP.. 


In February 2012 he has received the Life Time Achievement Award from President Ritnand Balved Education Foundation – Amity University – India


In April 2012, he has received the Health and Medicine Award from the Ministery of Health of Albania.


In October 2012 he has received the " Premio Dorso " of the Presidency of the Italian Republic for his international outstanding activity and nominated  "Ambasciatore del Mezzogiorno "


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